The Angelas

Last June Dan was asked to shear some sheep for a local man in Dundrennan. He had no idea that I, Ciara would fall in love with these sheep and ultimately bring them back to Castle Creavie. And so, “The Angela’s” joined the family. They are Swiss Blacknose Valais and originate from the Valais canton of Switzerland. They are known for their teddy like appearance, jet black fleeces and gorgeous wool.

Now you may be wondering why they are collectively called “The Angela’s”. Thanks to Odin they are called, Angela, Angelina, Angie, Angelo (all girls) and Peso (the only wether/boy). They are very friendly and very food orientated and will gladly come and say hello with some offering of nourishment. This year our Valais had their first lambs and they were also the first lambs to be born at Castle Creavie in 2024. The Angela’s have proven to be fantastic mums to Betty, Bluey, Bingo and the twins Barbara and Brogan. The lambs have grown very quickly and are much larger than our traditional breed of Texel’s. They will be ready to sheer next month and we are hoping to find someone local who might like to spin their gorgeous wool. If anyone out there is interested…… please get in touch.

Otherwise why not book into one of our lovely properties and come and see them for yourself. They would love to say hello. Make sure you check out our social media for lots of videos of the Angeles, their babies and all the animals we have here at Castle Creavie Farm.

Our home is your home

Dan, Ciara & Odin